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The Maryville Approach

Maryville does online learning differently. We operate with the belief that students in our online programs expect the same level of academic excellence that Maryville has offered since 1872: a students-first focus, intimate classes where professors know your name, and hands-on learning that helps you achieve your career goals.


Our secret to disrupting education for almost 150 years is straightforward: We’ve never departed from these values. And when you enroll as a Maryville Online student, you can count on us staying true to what has worked so well for so long. If you’re brave enough to pursue your online degree, we want to help you succeed.


Let’s be brave together.

Why choose Maryville for your online nursing degree program?

You’re looking for an online nursing degree taught by those who know the field — one that sets you up for success and works to fulfill your needs as a student. And you want a combination of convenience and world-class nursing education that can help you achieve your goals in nursing — on your terms.


At Maryville, we have you covered. When you earn your online nursing degree with us, you benefit from our commitment to service, quality, and bravery. We measure our success by yours, so we take a genuine student-centered approach to help you become the best nurse you can be.


We are ranked among America’s best colleges by both U.S. News & World Report and Forbes, and accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).


We have online nursing programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, post-master’s certificate, and doctoral levels, and we offer a variety of specializations for our nurse practitioner programs


When you choose Maryville for your online nursing degree, you partner with a highly educated and experienced faculty committed to helping you advance your education and move toward your goals at your own pace — all delivered 100% online.

Elizabeth Buck:

One of the main contributions of The Catherine McAuley School of Nursing in the state and the region and in the country is that we are producing quality nurse practitioners to improve the patient outcomes across the country. We teach students to approach the patients in a holistic manner, not just a person who comes into the clinic with a cough or a sore throat, but rather the whole patient, their family, their occupation, everything about them. And we don’t just isolate that one experience for them.


Charles Gulas:

All of our graduate courses are based upon our strength and our experience in undergraduate curriculums.


Dan Spiller:

I would say that Maryville’s programs are distinctive because they were built from the ground up. Maryville had a reputable nurse practitioner program prior to going online. And so a lot of the resources and tradition were used to build the online program.


Nina Zimmermann:

Our faculty are registered nurses. Most are nurse practitioners, board certified nurse practitioners, who practice currently and are able to translate practice in the classroom setting.


Jennifer Gwin:

I think Maryville’s online nursing program is distinctive because we have faculty who are really devoted to the success of students.


Elizabeth Buck:

We engage with our students very intimately, even in an online environment. That’s one of the things that we have translated from our on-ground programs to our online programs, because we have really close relationships with our students.


Dan Spiller:

The Maryville faculty eat, sleep, and breathe nursing and education and how those two work together. And I don’t think I’ve ever met a more dedicated group of academic professionals.


Elizabeth Stacey:

Students get a lot of information and great advice and support from their faculty that are teaching the courses as well as the program directors.


Nina Zimmermann:

Students will have the opportunity to speak with me via a discussion board, an assignment, an email, or they even have the choice of calling me directly in my office or by my cell phone.


Jennifer Gwin:

The Catherine McAuley School of Nursing makes students feel a part of the community, especially in clinical courses, by promoting activities that draws students together.


Elizabeth Buck:

One of the other things that we do at Maryville is that we promote networking among the students. Every cohort is made up of a variety of students from a variety of different states, so that when you’re studying with one another, you’re getting a different perspective.


Charles Gulas:

My advice to online nursing students is, one, not to choose Maryville’s program if they’re looking for the easiest way to get a degree. And in Maryville, we really believe that involvement in engaged learning is the best way for students to learn and to really understand the content.


Elizabeth Stacey:

It’s really important to plan ahead and make sure that you set a schedule for yourself.


Nina Zimmermann:

I would recommend establishing a relationship with each instructor and communicating any needs or challenges that you have early, so that those needs and challenges may be addressed.


Dan Spiller:

There’s three keys that I think could be applied to the program that will make a student successful and that’s dedication, accountability, and time management.


Elizabeth Buck:

Characteristics of a successful Maryville online nursing student include being comfortable with your independent learning, being self-sufficient and being self-disciplined so that you don’t fall behind in your work and you keep up.

Why earn your nursing degree online?

Enjoy personal support from enrollment to graduation.

Your schedule is full, but you still want to advance your education and your nursing career. We get that.


That’s why we designed our online experience to be flexible and user-friendly: so you can focus on beginning or advancing your nursing career, not on logistics. Moving forward as a nurse is more achievable than you may have thought.

Learn at your convenience.

You can attend class and complete assignments as your schedule permits. Everything about our program — from course structure to networking to faculty evaluations — is designed for students who are also working professionals.

Collaborate with students and faculty.

You may be surprised to know that studies show online learning is even more collaborative than a traditional classroom experience. You can easily team up to study, share notes, and find any help you need via emails, chats, and message boards.


Enjoy personal support from enrollment to graduation.

You are not isolated in the online learning experience. In fact, you will have an academic advisor with you every step of the way as you schedule classes and complete exams. Learn more about the support you’ll receive from our Enrollment Advisors and our Student Support Coaches. We’re here for you the whole way!

Utilize online technical support.

You can succeed in our online classroom using just basic technical skills like sending an email. Prior to your first class starting, your program coordinator will happily guide you through the learning platform.

Elizabeth Miller:


My name’s Elizabeth Miller. I’m 26 years old. I’ve been working as a nurse for about three years now. I chose Maryville because I knew it would be an online program and working full time, I knew that would be much more doable than a classroom experience. I also have experience with the school. I’ve been very impressed. I felt extremely prepared once I graduated and I knew I wanted that again, so I came back here for my FMP Degree. The online nursing experience is much different than the classroom experience. I actually think that in a lot of ways, it’s better. It’s much more self-paced, which is what I was looking for in a master’s program. We work in groups as classmates and we network with each other, sometimes with students and other states even. That really helps us share ideas and get to know how other people do things.


I was a little apprehensive to begin an online program. I had never done anything like it before. Not very good with computers, but everyone at the school made it really easy. If you have any worries about starting an online program, it’s new, it’s different, just know that there are people there to help support you and you can do it. I’ve received a lot of support from my advisor. She’s always available for me when I need her. I feel like I can call her whenever I have a question about anything. In each of my classes online, I feel like all my professors are available for me. They give their phone number, they give their email. I know I can contact them with any questions or concerns about any class that I have. As far as advice that I would give students during this program is just be confident that you can do it because you can. Also, make sure that you network with your teachers, you network with your advisor and your classmates because they can help you navigate the program.

What Makes Maryville Different?

We look past the status quo.

In these fast-moving times, you never know how much the world can change between applying for a degree program and graduating. That’s why Maryville Online is future-focused: to prepare you for the world that is coming.

We keep students front and center.

Core to our values is maintaining a student-focused environment that puts your needs first. That means developing an online platform that considers the goals and convenience of our students before anything else. It means designing courses that deliver practical and experiential learning that will transfer directly to your time on the job. It means building and promoting an educational experience that provides you with the flexibility to live your life, with a hassle-free application process and support every step of the way in your academic journey.

We believe you deserve credit for work you’ve already done.

We know students enter our programs with various types of educational backgrounds, and we believe you deserve credit for what you’ve already accomplished. That’s why we designed our programs to be transfer credit friendly. Whether you’re transferring from a community college, moving to a new city, juggling personal and professional obligations, or seeking a fresh start, it’s our goal to streamline the process for transfer students to help you earn your degree and achieve your career goals.

We believe earning a degree should be a step toward your dreams.

Too many degree programs offer you credentials that lack any real connection to the job market or are taught by instructors without strong ties to the industry you want to join. If you’re pursuing your online degree, you likely already know where you want to go in your career, and you want a degree that will provide the real-world skills to get you there.


At Maryville, each of our online programs comprises requirements, assignments, lessons, and opportunities designed to improve your job prospects. Our programs often include real-world projects and components that give you direct and relevant experience in your preferred career field.

Our Experiential Approach to Online Learning

Maryville’s commitment to experiential learning — providing the opportunity to learn by doing — impacts every aspect of a student’s time in our online program. When you earn your online degree with us, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from a number of career-oriented educational experiences.

Student Spotlight

When we brought our top-rated, student-centered programs online, we had the goal of making high-quality education available to any student brave enough to pursue it, regardless of location or circumstance.


Since then, we’ve helped thousands of students achieve their educational goals and change their lives. Check out what just a few of them have to say:

I’ve been a nurse for 15 years in ICU. I wanted to step forward, to a more advanced role, and this is how I did it. Through the help of Maryville staff and advisors, they helped me fulfill my dream.

Junah Castil (MSN-ACNP)

It’s never going to be a perfect time. I think anybody who has their mind set that they want to do it, just step out and do it. Don’t wait. Just go ahead and do it. And you can do it.

Celena Shivers (MSN-PMHNPC)

Life is hard. Find what works for you. Be passionate about it. Set up some goals. And work towards achieving those goals. That’s how I did it. It’s hard. But you just have to manage yourself.

Jane Ologolo (MSN-MPHNPC)

Maryville’s online FNP program made it possible for me to reach a goal that I have had for many years, without having to sacrifice my job.

Kendra N. Hall, Online MSN-Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Alum

Maryville’s Commitment to Our Students

Our outcomes-focused approach means our students can feel confident from the moment they enroll that we are on the same page as they are in terms of what constitutes a successful outcome. We want to help you accomplish more than just earning your degree. We want to empower you to put that degree to use in a vibrant, promising, and important career. We’re not succeeding unless you’re succeeding — so let’s do this together.

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