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Online Nursing Student Experience

Current Maryville online nursing student, Elizabeth Miller, describes her online experience and why she chose Maryville. Additionally, Elizabeth discusses the support she receives from faculty and advisors.

Elizabeth Miller: My name’s Elizabeth Miller, I’m 26-years old. I’ve been working as a nurse for about three years now.


Choosing Maryville University

I chose Maryville because I knew it would be an online program and working full-time, I knew that would be much more doable than a classroom experience. And I also have experience with the school and I’ve been very impressed and felt extremely prepared once I graduated and I knew I wanted that again so I came back here for my FNP degree.


The Online Experience

The online nursing experience is much different than the classroom experience. I actually think that in a lot of ways it’s better. It’s much more self-paced, which is what I was looking for in a master’s program. We work in groups as classmates and we network with each other, sometimes with students in other states even. And that really helps us share ideas and get to know how other people do things.


Program Support

So I was a little apprehensive to begin an online program. I’ve never done anything like it before, I’m not very good with computers. But everyone at the school made it really easy. So if you have any worries about starting an online program, it’s new, it’s different. Just know that there are people there to help support you and you can do it.


Advisor Support

I’ve received a lot of support from my advisor. She’s always available for me when I need her and I feel like I can call her whenever I have a question about anything.


Faculty Support

In each of my classes online, I feel like all my professors are available for me. They give their phone number, they give their email. I know I can contact them with any questions or concerns about any class that I have.


Advice from a Current Student

As far as advice that I would give students starting this program is just be confident that you can do it, because you can. Also, make sure that you network with your teachers, you network with your advisor and your classmates because they can help you kind of navigate the program.

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