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The Online Nursing Enrollment Process

Senior Enrollment Advisor, Kim Grantham, explains what prospective students can expect throughout the enrollment process and how the Maryville team is here to help.

Kim Grantham: My name is Kim Grantham. I am a senior enrollment advisor for the online programs at Maryville University.


Enrollment Process As your enrollment advisor, our responsibility is to make sure that we speak with you about the online program, the online experience as well, and making sure that we’re helping to determine whether or not our program is a good fit for what you’re looking for. Once we go through the information about the online program, we’ll help you through the application process as well, and hopefully upon acceptance, we’re also there to guide you through the enrollment process, making sure that you have everything that you need and that you’re fully prepared before classes start.


Tips for Applying To make sure that you’re really working with your enrollment advisor, so we know what the admissions committee is going to be looking for. So we’re there to help support you and making sure that we’re putting together the best application possible. I would encourage you to make sure that you’re spending time on your admissions essay. It’s a very important part of the application process. It’s a way for the admissions committee to get to know our students a little bit better. With letters of recommendation you wanna be seeking out people that can help to provide a professional strong letter of recommendation. We’ll also be looking for all of your official transcripts, an updated copy of your resume. All of which can be found through the online materials that you’re enrollment advisor will be providing to you.


Enrollment Advisor Support You’re enrollment advisor will be speaking with you throughout the entire process, checking in with you on a weekly basis to help make sure that you have everything needed in order to complete your application. We’re there for support and resources and as experts with the application process, you wanna make sure that you’re reaching out to us if there’s anything that we can do to help.


The Next Step in Your Career That moment when we get to share the wonderful news with you that you’ve been accepted into our program and you know that you’re ready to embark on that next step in your nursing career really is the highlight of what we do as enrollment advisors.


Upon Acceptance This process also involves a welcome webinar, which will be your first point of contact with your student support advisor. Your student support advisor will be your point of contact throughout the online program being there for you through the entire program, start to finish, providing you any support and resources that you might need. Our goal is to make sure that you have a smooth transition into the enrollment process, to your first day of courses so that you’re not feeling overwhelmed or unprepared before classes start.


Advice for the Program Make sure that you’re able to manage your time wisely throughout the program. It can be challenging at first as you’re getting adjusted to being back in school. Maybe this is your first time with doing an online program. So, it may take a little bit of adjusting in the very beginning. However, you’ll have support with your student advisor, with your instructors and other faculty to make sure that we’re doing everything that we can really to help you through this journey.


Stay Connected What I would make sure that you’re doing is staying in communication, not only with your instructors, but also with your student support advisor. The more contact and information that you’re giving them about your experience, the more prepared we’ll be able to be to make sure that you do have everything that you need to truly be successful.

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